- Saving

To save your progress you have to save through the game like when you are playing on a real Playstation then download the memory card file using the save option in the emulator sliding menu.

- Managing save files in your memory card

You can use any ps1 memory card managers.

Here is one

- Loading

To load your progress you have to upload the memory card file you downloaded before then start the game and loading your progress through the game.

Note: You progress usually will be saved in the browser cache but make sure to download the save file somewhere safe just in case your browser cache got cleared accidentally.

- Playing games

To play any game, you need to click the "Start" button in the emulator screen. If it's your first time playing a specific game, It will be downloaded and kept in your browser so the browser doesn't have to download it again and to make the process faster the next time you play.

Remember that it will keep 5 games at a time cached in your browser, it will also keep your save progress for that game. Let's say that you played more than 5 games then the oldest game will be replaced with the new one and you progress will be deleted.

Note: Always make sure to save your progress inside the game then download your memory card file so you don't lose your progress.

- Browsers supported.

The Supported Browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

- Errors

The only known error is "Exception thrown, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined".

When you get that error you will need to refresh the page and the error will disappear and everything goes back to normal.

- 2 Players

You can play with your friend on the same keyboard but you have to set the keys by clicking the keyboard icon in the emulator menu.

- Gamepad

You can use a gamepad or a Joystick to play the games, make sure to install the drivers for your gamepad to be able to play. To configure the buttons click the keyboard icon in the emulator screen.

- Questions

If you have a question isn't listed here you can use the contact us form to ask but any stupid questions or no details will be ignored.

- Multiple Disc Games

If the game allow to be played using the save progress from the previous Disc, in that case we will post all it's Discs other wise We will post the first Disc only.